Nature Club

Our motto “I am kind to Myself, I am kind to Others, I am kind to Nature”

Program Coordinator: Doris Anderson

natureclub2016bHow do you join?

Please fill out the Jules Quesnel Nature Club Registration Form, available on web: JQ Nature Club 2016-2017 Then  put it in the folder on the desk in front of the Jules Quesnel Office.

Students introduce and lead most of the JQ Nature Club meetings, Doris is there to guide and supervise…

What is the JQ Nature Club?

The JQ Nature Club is a student driven club with ideas, projects and activities about Science and Nature that the students choose. We aim to have student lead meetings with our guide, Doris Anderson, who is at every meeting, and many parent Volunteers who come to our meetings to assist us with the planting, and activities.natureclub2016

  • For 4 years we have met monthly during our school year to learn about Nature and Science
  • We have had over 100 members for 3 years in a row
  • Meetings on the 2nd Friday of each month (with some exceptions).
  • Join our JQ Nature Club through the Young Naturalist Club of BC ( Learn more about events, ideas, and programs about nature.
  • JQ Nature Club Cost = $9.00 includes 3 magazines and membership with the Young Naturalist Club (YNC)

What do we do at Nature Club?

  • released lady birds
  • Planting and Tea Making
  • Salmon fry release at Spanish Banks
  • Herb Garden renewal
  • Wildlife Rescue Centre visit
  • Planting in raised beds and plans discussed for upcoming meetings
  • Planting trees in Stanley Park for TD Tree Days
  • Participated in Great Canadian Shoreline cleanup
  • Urban Safari Rescue Association – Endangered animal discussion – visit with animals
  • planted in the Jules Quesnel raised bed garden, and assisted with raised bed gardens
  • planted our own Plum Trees at JQ
  • invited Mike’s Critters
  • adopted endangered animals
  • created a “Night Tree” of gifts for the animals in winter
  • made our own tea from the herbs we planted
  • made seed balls of wild flowers
  • Christmas Bird Count – see the YouTube video
  • planted in the JQ raised bed garden
  • learned about water and its role as a precious resource
  • Planted crocuses and tulip bulbs on Remembrance Day

Why JQ Nature Club?

This story is a reminder why we have a JQ Nature Club.  At one of our recent meetings, we had Peter Anson and his wife come from “Tree Drops”. They made wooden houses for birds, bees, and all insects.

A Grade 1 Nature Club member asked Peter Anson, “Why do you make houses for bees and butterflies? Don’t they have their own houses?”  Peter’s answer, “Yes, they sometimes have their own houses, but if we make houses for them, they will know that we care”.  This student hugged Peter and wouldn’t let go for a long time.. ‘because it shows we care’. That is the reason we have a JQ Nature Club!

Events / Meeting Schedule

Dates (Fridays)

Meeting Activities

Oct 14th  Great JQ Clean Up, scavenger hunt and sprout making
Nov 9th  Bulb planting at JQ with Nature Club
Dec 9th Night Tree at JQ, decorating a tree for the animals
Coming up in the New Year: Great JQ Clean Up, scavenger hunt and sprout making
 TBD Visit with Sarah Foster, with Project Seahorse, Marine Biologist and a JQ Parent discussing research and conservation efforts,
TBD Visit by Wildlife Rescue Association and their animals
TBD Society SPCA
TBD Spring Shoreline Cleanup
TBD Planting and Gardening

page last updated: Sept 30th, 2016