JQ School Jerseys

JQ PAC sells official JQ Jerseys!

  • jq_jerseysHave you been looking for something to help you express your unyielding commitment to all things JQ?
  • Or perhaps you’re looking for that one article of clothing that goes with everything in your wardrobe?
  • Or maybe you’re just tired of sharing a shirt with hundreds of your schoolmates?
  • The JQ PAC has what you’re looking for!

Note – Students participating on school teams will be provided a team jersey for their use at the official events, and are required to return the school sports team jerseys after the season ends.  They do NOT have to purchase a jersey.


  • $25 each Cash or Cheque made out to the “JQ PAC”

Where can I buy a JQ Jersey:

  • Sept 6th School Welcome Coffee: 9-10 am
  • Sept 9th Welcome Back BBQ
  • Ask at the JQ Office or contact Lori Duward  (patandlori @ telus.net)

PAC Program Coordinator

Lori Duward


page last updated: Sept 6, 2016