Greening Committee

  • Playground Recognition Wall
  • Outdoor Learning Space
  • 5 raised bed garden areas planted by students
  • Additional shrubbery, trees and plants

Playground Recognition Wall

JQRecognition Wall 2015 Our Playground Recognition Wall is installed! We have also placed a framed smaller version with a list of all the donors to our Playground Fundraising.
Thank you to Mme Natalie (our Principal) and Mme Genevieve (Grade 5/6 Teacher) for the wonderful artwork that we were able to scan and enlarge for this amazing Mural to thank all who contributed to our Playground.
Recognition Wall

Outdoor Learning Space

PAC, through the Playground Fundraising, has created our Outdoor Learning Spaces. We have had limestone placed where there are large mud areas by the Basketball courts and large boulders with a bench will also be placed in this area for outdoor learning.

There were also be more boulders placed by the existing outdoor learning area by the north end of the Lord Byng Pool to enhance this area for outdoor learning. We are happy that Teachers and Students can use these areas for learning, relaxing and building community in nature.

5 Raised Bed Garden areas planted by students

Garden_Beds_EmptyIn 2015, Grade 7 Students made the wood planters with the help of teacher, Russ, from Tupper School! and many volunteers, Loretta Janz, Ann Madden, Rob Bos and Katie Bos filled with soil for planting. Another 1/3 was filled by various teachers with their students who came to assist with the enormous job of adding the soil to the planters.

Watering our Gardens was particularly challenging this summer with our hot and dry weather. Thank you to those that assisted with the gardens. If you would like to help in the future, please let Doris know.

JQ Teachers will have access to planting in these areas with their students should they wish to do so. Otherwise, the JQ Nature Club will continue to plant and tend this area with any volunteers who offer. If you are interested in assisting with the raised bed gardens, please contact Doris Anderson,

Your help is much appreciated.

PAC also purchased a gardening storage box, the green box just north of the front stairs. This will house equipment and materials for gardening.

Additional Shrubbery, Trees and Plants

We will continue to add to our school grounds to plant as many sustainable trees, shrubs and plants as we can.

Program Committee – Doris Anderson

Page last updated: Sept 4, 2016