WE At School (Student-run Group)

Everyday students are stepping up and making a difference in their neighborhood and world at large.

WE at School recognizes that no matter your age or location, we can all make a positive impact – whether that’s volunteering, fundraising or raising awareness around causes that matter.


JQ Students, from Grade 6 and 7 meet regularly and come up with a variety of initiatives for helping our school and greening our playgrounds as well as supporting global projects. Last year they raised over $ 1000 for their Kenyan projects, created a We Day Fair that raised $ 500.00, collected 3072 batteries for zinc saves lives, donated to Covenant House, planted gardens, created “We Bake for Change” and learned wonderful group and leadership skills.

Upcoming Dates:

  • Sept 30 (Fri) –  Lunch recess for new and interested we members. We will meet outside at the front picnic table
  • We Day Group will be meeting the first Friday of every month at lunch recess, outside at the front picnic tables.
  • Nov 3 (Wed) – We Day – We are issued the tickets from We Day and have no control over the number of tickets we receive. Our teacher sponsor this year is Mme. McCurdy. Once we are given the tickets, we will be distributing them based on the number of volunteer hours that students have contributed to their local and global initiatives as sent out from WeDay.

Sept 2015 We Day JQ Group
We Day 2015 with our teacher sponsor, Mme Haley Workun

For more information contact: Student, Katie Bos, Grade 7 or Parent, Doris Anderson doris @dorart.com (remove space to type full email)


Page last updated: Sept 27, 2016