JQ Choir

JQ Choir Director: Colleen Cotton 


For printed info download JQ Choir Info 2017-18 Info

We organize many exciting choral music experiences for JQ students! Please look  our Calendar of JQ Choir events

2017-18 Info

Practice Days – at the beginning of lunchtime, there will be time to eat lunch and have a short recess. Colleen will come to collect the singers.

Choir Singers Practice Times
Grade One Choir Girls and Boys Gr 1 Tuesdays lunch time (1st practice Sep 19)
Grade 2/3 Choir Girls and Boys Gr 2-3 Tuesdays lunch time  (1st practice Sep 19)
Boys’ Senior Choir Boys Gr 4-7 Tuesdays 7:55-8:55am  (1st practice Sep 19)
Girls’ Senior Choir Girls Gr 4-7 Fridays (alternate: Tuesday if Friday is pro-D) 7:55-8:55am  (1st practice Sep 22)
Chamber Choir * Gr 4-7 (new singers will need to audition) Thursdays 7:55-8:55am (1st practice Sep 21)
Adult Choir Staff, Teachers & Parents/Guardians rehearsals TBD  

Chamber Choir: 

New Grades 47 boys and girls are asked to audition, existing singers don’t need to audition.  Auditions:  June 22, 2017.  The first practice will occur Sept 21, 2017 – Thursday morning.


  • $125.00 for the school year ( $250.00 for Chamber Choir + Choir fee $125, + $125 Chamber Choir fee)
  • Family discount- 2 children = $220, $330 for 3 children.


Please see the information sheet provided:  JQ Choir 2017-2018 Registration

Practice Location: Practices will be held in the JQ Music Room.

Adult Choir:

Rehearsals to be announced, Winter Evening Concert will be in December, at Lord Byng Theatre.

Parent Volunteers:

Parents, please join our team in organizing the Choir Programs this year! To continue this longstanding tradition for JQ children, the Choir Committee needs volunteer helpers for concerts, and events.

page last updated: September 11, 2018