Gr 7 Senior Trips

For Jules Quesnel Grade 7 classes going on a cultural immersion trip has been a long-standing tradition; however, is not a given.  Each year JQ administration, teachers and parents work together to determine the viability and options for that year’s cohort of students weighing criteria such as learning opportunities, interest, majority participation, and affordability.

In its earliest years, the trip took the form of an exchange with a partner school in Quebec.  More recently the grade 7s have had the option of going on a Quebec Tour with French guides or to a Film Camp where they produced French films from start to finish (see examples below).   

One of the most rewarding aspects for students is the connections they form, strengthening relationships as they move on to high school, often having to part ways.  Because of this JQ will choose one trip option going forward – the 2020 Senior Trip is a Tour of Quebec visiting Montreal and Quebec City.  

To ensure the affordability of any trip, our JQ community generously contributes through a “pay it forward” model where parents, kids and our greater community raise funds by participating in school and community events.  As per our Fundraising Policy, these events support the Senior trip, whereas our operating budget is funded through our Direct Donation campaign.  


Student-led film productions from prior trips to the Gulf Islands Film and Television School on Galiano Island

May 2017

May 2016



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