Terry Fox Run (Sept 28, 2017)

2017 JQ Terry Fox Run

Thanks to all of the children, teachers, staff and parents that participated in the afternoon. Our school raised over $1,500 in the spirit of Terry Fox.

Millions of students across Canada take part in Terry Fox School Runs every year, making it one of the largest fundraising events in Canadian history.

“Anything is possible if you try”

The Terry Fox Run is an annual Canada wide event (hundreds of events) to help to raise awareness and money for cancer research. These events are a legacy to Terry Fox’s Marathon of Hope (1980). Terry (diagnosed with bone cancer) ran avg. 42 km /every day for 143 days. Terry was forced to end his run when the cancer spread to his lungs.

“Terry showed us all that the impossible is possible. He reminded us all that we can make a difference in the world and change people’s lives for the better. Now’s your chance to do just that by raising funds for your school’s Terry Fox Run.”…. from the Terry Fox School Run webpage on the Terry Fox Foundation site.

The entire JQ School runs together every year on the Terry Fox National School Run Day (2 PM)

Donate Online
 JQ Terry Fox Foundation Fundraising page

  • Come at 2PM to see the whole school run and feel the energy.
  • Sponsor a child before or after the event. (see below how to create your child’s own webpage on the Terry Fox site to help them solicit donations from friends and family), or simply donate on the JQ School Terry Fox Fundraising page above.
  • Send your child with a water bottle on the Terry Fox Run Day

Past JQ Terry Fox school runs have been a great success

  • 2017 – Raised over $1,600
  • 2016 – raised over $4000
  • 2015 – raised $3,300
  • 2014 – raised $3,500, surpassing our goal of $2,500 by $1,000.  (1st on-line fundraising)

Set up your own personal fundraising webpage:

  • Students can create their own webpage
  • friends and family can donate on-line
  • fundraising efforts will be tallied with their friends at JQ
  • everyone can to try to reach a school fundraising goal.

To create your own webpage – click on the “STUDENTS SET UP YOUR PAGE” on the JQ Terry Fox Foundation Fundraising page  – You will need to follow these simple steps…

  1. Parents much sign the on-line waiver
  2. Click on JQ School
  3. Contact Info
  4. Additional Info
  5. Register

Once you have registered, you can change your (child’s) webpage.  You can change your message to state “why you are running”.  Is there anyone in your family for whom you are trying to raise cancer research funding?

Program Coordinators:

Martha K. (Kylie) and JQ VP Stella Chow

Parent Volunteers:

  • Andrea (JQ PAC Community Exec)
  • Astrid
  • Maureen P.
  • Cindy C.

page last updated: Oct. 12, 2017

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