Garage Sale (May 27, 2017)

How Can I help supplement tech at JQ?

You can help in many, many ways:

    1. Directly Donate:
      We welcome and appreciate any monetary donation.  Each dollar donated goes directly to the purchase.  Please make cheques payable to JQ PAC and drop them in our direct donation box on our PAC table at the entrance outside the office.  All donations are helpful no matter the amount. When we pool our money, we can make things happen in record time. Cheques over $25 are eligible for a tax receipt from the VSB.  As per the playground direct donation initiative, donors will be recognized by an engraved plaque in the school entrance based on this criteria:

      •       Platinum = $5000+
      •       Gold = $2,500-$4,999
      •       Silver = $1,000-2,499
      •       Bronze = $500-$999
      •       Community builder = $250-499
      •       Friends of JQ = up to $249

      Donors may also be recognized with the donor family or business name on our JQ PAC website, or circulated in our school bulletin.  Please indicate your preference with a note attached to your cheque. Thank you!

    2. You can support the Great Big JQ Garage Sale:
      May 27, 10am – 2pm
      Receiving items May 26th after 1pm in the learning commons room in the basement.

        1. You can support the garage sale by helping us to organize the event. If you are interested please email  We need help with promotion in particular.
        2. You can help by donating materials and services to the garage sale:
          On Friday, May 26th after 1pm is preferred, however if you need to we will find a space in the school beginning on Wednesday May 24th.Please donate clean, good working order:

          • books, comic books, video games, dvds, CDs
          • clean and gently used children’s clothing and shoes
          • gently used Men’s and women’s clothes
          • men’s, women’s and children accessories necklaces, watches
          • electronic games (working)
          • home and garden product
          • clean, gently used toys and games
          • jewelry boxex
          • pet accessories
          • baskets, containers
          • paintings or other art
          • kitchen and household items such as vases, candle stick holders, glassware
          • china, silverware,
          • sports clothing and footwear
          • dress up Clothing
          • fabric shopping bags

          ** If there are clothing items, sleeping bags, bathing suits, housewares etc you wish to donate but do not want to sell, please bag them labelled: CASH FOR CLOTHES so that we will separate them from our garage sale items.  See here for a list of acceptable Cash for Clothes items.

          If there is interest we can also include plant sales, bake sales, pie sales, homemade jams, candles or soap, a table offering services such as spring yard clean up, dog walking, landscaping, etc.. When signing up please indicate what you would like to donate. Pie tables are particular hits!

          Please DO NOT donate:

          • large electronics like TV’s, computers
          • Textbooks and course material
          • magazines
          • encyclopedias
          • VHS or cassette tapes
          • Luggage
          • Furniture
          • beds
          • mattresses
          • pillows
          • BBQ’s
          • cribs
          • car seats
        3. You can help by sorting and pricing from May 24th onward, with the bulk of help needed on May 26th from 1pm onward.
        4. You can help with set up on May 27th from 8am – 10 am by carrying out items, arranging, setting up tables and chairs etc.
        5. You can also work at the Great Big JQ Garage Sale from 10am – 2pm selling items at one of our tables, or cooking hotdogs if we have enough volunteers to offer this service.
        6. From 2pm till it’s finished (4pm?) cleaning up afterwards, help to package up leftovers for Cash for clothes.
        7. Transporting the stuff that can not be bagged for Cash for Clothes to the salvation army.
        8. Sunday: Helping to load the cash for clothes truck.  This should just involve carrying out the bags and throwing them into the truck.  Details to be confirmed but likely from 11am-12pm.

      Please sign up here to help make the Great Big JQ Garage Sale a success!

      The garage sale has the possibility of raising A LOT of money from the surrounding community and garage sale enthusiasts for the school with the stuff that is overflowing every closet and under the bed space you have in your house without digging into your own cheque book. It is an opportunity for all of us to come together and support our school, our teachers and ultimately our kids.

      Thank you kindly to Stong’s for donating all the BBQ food and drinks for this event

Thank you everyone for your participation in helping to make this a successful fundraising event. We can’t do it without you!