Book Sale (Oct 19/20, 2016) during Goal Setting Conferences



  • Wednesday, Oct 19:  3-6 pm
  • Thursday, Oct 20 (Early Dismissal)  1-4 pm

Please pass on your old books by donating them now, then excite your child’s reading with a whole gym full of low-cost new-to-you books for sale!  Parents and families can visit the sale before and after their Goal Setting meetings.

What to donate:

  • kids books
  • adult books
  • board games
  • puzzles
  • dvds
  • Please, NO other toys or items.
  • Halloween Costumes

How to donate

drop off at 3869 west 15th or M Vital’s office.


Please see the Google Docs Spreadsheet for Volunteer sign up time.  Grade 7 students are encouraged to volunteer for a shift (or more!)

  • Wed 19th after school is dismissed on 
  • Thursday 20th (20th is early dismissal at noon, but the Sale will not start until 1 pm)
  • Sunday – sorting
  • Parents are always welcome to volunteer!!!  

Event Lead

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page last updated: Oct 10, 2016