12. BRIEF SUMMARY (April 15, 2016)

From: Julee Kaye
Sent: April-15-16

To: ‘educ.minister@gov.bc.ca’; ‘mike.lombardi@vsb.bc.ca’;
‘allan.wong@vsb.bc.ca’; ‘Janet.fraser@vsb.bc.ca’;
‘fraser.ballantyne@vsb.bc.ca’; ‘christopher.richardson@vsb.bc.ca’;
‘patti.bacchus@vsb.bc.ca’; ‘joy.alexander@vsb.bc.ca’;
‘penny.noble@vsb.bc.ca’; ‘stacy.robertson@vsb.bc.ca’;
‘david.eby.MLA@leg.bc.ca’; ‘andrew.wilkinson.MLA@leg.bc.ca’;
‘communications@vsb.bc.ca’; ‘nbrennan@vsb.bc.ca’; ‘jpearce@vsb.bc.ca’;

To VSB’s trustees & Superintendents, our Minister of Education, and my local

Do you have any questions? Were you able to follow the preceding messages?

Here are two critical points I hope you can appreciate:

1. Crippling public school programming to further reduce enrolment will
cost the vast majority of voters MORE over their lifetime, not less.

For the vast majority of voters, there is no plausible level
of reduced educational spending that will reduce their lifetime tax burden
enough to balance private school tuition costs. Even voters earning
$340,000/year and having only one child would need public educational
spending to fall by 50% before their tax savings over a lifetime would
balance their private school tuition costs. Society as a whole – and almost
every individual in it – is much better off financially with an attractive
public education system than under that dire scenario.

2. To ever achieve a balanced budget, the VSB must be sure to only cut
items that do not result in more loss of revenue from students leaving the
VSB than they gain in immediate cost savings. This would not appear to be
the case for many items currently on the chopping block.

EXPENDITURES BUT LOSING 10 STUDENTS! The loss of 10 students will lead to
the loss of $71,660 in funding from MoE, increasing the net budget deficit
by $21,660 compared to the option of maintaining the $50,000 expenditure and
retaining the students.

Support Excellence! Go, Democracy!

Julee Kaye
(Concerned Parent from QEA, JQ, General Gordon, Kerrisdale, Kitsilano & soon
Point Grey)