Help Protect Educational Programming

Here are a series of letters prepared by parent Julee Kaye (parent from QEA, JQ, General Gordon, Kerrisdale, Kitsilano & soon Point Grey). Anyone who wishes is invited to copy the sections they need and send their own message to our Trustees and MLA’s. Add your voice to the debate!”

  1. School Capacity Should be Based on Functional Criteria
  2. Enrichment Programs May be Revenue Neutral – Find Out
  3. Why Gifted Kids Need Special Programming
  4. Revealing Adverse Trends in Public Education
  5. Halt Public Funding for Private Students Whose Families Pay No Canadian Taxes
  6. Why Surplus Property Must Remain Under Public Owndership
  7. Support More Attractive Programs, Not Fewer
  8. Being Accountable Means Showing your Work
  9. Wow, Some at the VSB May Wish Kids Would Leave Public Schools
  10. The Myth that your Constituents Save $$ When Families Move to Private Schools
  11. Moving Kids to Religious Schools Provides Almost no Savings to Other Taxpayers
  12. Brief Summary
  13. Correction to Message #11
  14. Tax Impact of Changing Public School Enrolment

updated June 6, 2016