Jules Quesnel and the LRFP

On October 28th, 2019, the Vancouver Board of Education (VBE) Trustees voted 6-3 not to proceed with the closure of Queen Elizabeth Annex (QEA) and merger of all 4 classes of QEA students into Jules Quesnel. The VSB’s Long Range Facilities Plan (LRFP) will ultimately decide Jules Quesnel and QEA’s future.


We encourage all JQ families to get involved in the VSB’s Long Range Facilities Plan (LRFP) process.

Trustees, VSB staff, JQ and QEA parents, and the wider community all raised excellent questions during the QEA closure consideration. We believe the best place to address many of these issues is the LRFP, and not via one-off closure considerations.

Transparent growth projections that look at future growth – the West Side is already one of Vancouver’s fastest growing areas for families, and there are many large-scale developments on the horizon. VSB’s growth projections need to take this into account

The future of French Immersion in Vancouver – how does VSB plan on meeting demand for French Immersion in the West Side and across the city?

The future of Annexes in Vancouver – Annexes can provide an essential role in meeting a diverse range of needs that can’t be met in a large school. Clarifying their role and purpose would remove the target on Annexes whenever a budget issue is raised.


What questions would you like to see considered by the LRFP? Get involved, and we will add updates here as we hear about opportunities for public engagement.

We need your help!!!


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