JQ Volunteers – Nominees for the Governor General’s Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers

Congratulations to the
JQ Nominees for the
Governor General’s Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers

Each year the Governor General recognizes and honours volunteers through the Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers.  For a formal description of the Award –Governor General’s Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers

On November 2, 12 students across British Columbia received the Medal.

We are very proud to congratulate 5 students from our Jules Quesnel community, who were nominated for this extraordinary distinction as a result of their contribution through the WE Group and other initiatives with which they are involved:

  1. Abi Blyth
  2. Carys Dance
  3. Emma Brown
  4. Olivia Dunn
  5. Katherine (Katie) Bos

Special congratulations to Katie Bos, who was one of only 12 students (and the youngest), who was awarded the Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers by Marc Kielburger (co-founder of WE) at a special reception on November 2.

We would like to also take this opportunity to thank and recognize all the members of the Jules Quesnel WE Group, Doris Anderson the parent lead, and all the JQ students, teachers and parents. Throughout the year, the WE collectively raised over $1,500 for Free the Children (WE), raised $100 for Covenant House, donated funds to the SPCA and Wildlife Rescue Association, and donated clothing/toys to Syrian refugees.  Well done!

Once again, congratulations and thank you to all!!

Please note:

Abi was the leader for the JQ “WE Bake for Change” fundraiser. She inspired and organized our WE Group to have a bake sale, which raised over $450.

Carys was the leader of our “WE Are Silent” Campaign. Many students joined in to be silent for as long as possible on “WE Are Silent” Day to bring attention to the many children whose voices cannot be heard and who do not have access to education.

Emma was the lead for the Covenant House campaign. She shared with the group the plight of the homeless youth and adults in downtown eastside Vancouver. Emma inspired the WE Group to support Covenant House and donate over $100 to their “Sleep Out” campaign, which raises funds for Youth Homeless initiatives.

Olivia was the leader for the JQ Zinc Saves Lives initiative. The WE Group collected over 3,072 batteries and inspired people to donate batteries on their own ~ in collaboration with two other key organizers, Cole Isac and Katie Bos, this collection helped save the lives of 18,432 children.

Katie is the student leader of the JQ WE Group.  She helped organize the Fundraising Fair last June where all 22 members participated in creating crafts, sugar free goodies and drinks to sell for our sponsor country through Free the Children (WE). Katie participated in every monthly WE campaign and collected funds for various organizations throughout the year, as well as being involved with the Gratitude Graffiti Project and the JQ Nature Club as a student leader. She has also participated in the Shoreline Clean-Up, planting trees and removal of invasive species in the Endowment Lands.

320 items for the Vancouver food bank – were collected at the WE Scare Hunger – at the JQ Halloween Party.

Page last updated: Nov 21, 2016