2018 Terry Fox Run

Terry Fox Run

Thursday September 27th at 2pm

Please Donate Here:  JQ Terry Fox Foundation Fundraising page

  • For more information see the Terry Fox Foundation web page.
  • Come at 2PM to see the whole school run and feel the energy.
  • Sponsor a child before or after the event using the JQ link above. 
  • Send your child with a water bottle on the Terry Fox Run Day

Past JQ Terry Fox school runs have been a great success:

  • 2017 – Raised over $1,600
  • 2016 – raised over $4000
  • 2015 – raised $3,300
  • 2014 – raised $3,500, surpassing our goal of $2,500 by $1,000.  

Let’s Double our efforts this year with a fundraising goal of: $2500! 


Last updated: September 24, 2018