JQ Spellathon – February 8, 2018

Check the backpacks for word lists, the second annual JQ Spellathon is Thursday next week!

What is a Spellathon?
It’s a fun opportunity for our kids to challenge themselves on the new vocabulary they’ve learned this year and at the same time build awareness and practice on supporting their community and others.

Spellathons are traditionally run as spelling bees to raise funds for a cause and ours is to help send our grade 7 kids on their senior trip in May.  We will also donate 10% of the proceeds to support literacy and learning programs at our sister school, Mount Pleasant Elementary.  The more we raise the more we can donate!

What can you do to help?

  • Encourage your child to participate and help them study their words!
  • If you are a Kindergarten parent, don’t worry… our little ones will be asked to draw pictures of simple words like maison or fleur to test comprehension as opposed to spelling – no word lists or studying required
  • Encourage your child to raise pledges – these can be lump sum or a pledge per correct word.   Please remind your student to NEVER collect pledges from people they do not know

Pledges raised are to be handed in by Friday, February 16th at 3:00 pm.

Your child should collect the pledge money and return their form and monies in an envelope to their teacher or to the Spellathon box at the office.   It would be super helpful if you could collect all the pledges and submit as one cheque in the total amount.
All cheques should be made out to 2018 Senior Trip

Any questions, please contact Yvette Smith at JQClassof2018@gmail.com


— another fundraiser for the 2018 Senior Trip, our grade 7s thank you!

last updated:  January 29, 2018