Past events

Oct 20, 2014

Hello JQ Nature Club,

I would like to thank Gemma Dunn for presenting at last Friday’s meeting.  Gemma shared with the Nature Club about the importance of water, and what we can do to conserve it.  If your children have questions, please send me an email, and I plan to find out answers and share them at our next meeting.

The JQ Nature Club members were particularly interested in the water cycle and how water is created.  I’ve attached a drawing from the Nasa web site to explain it.

I would also like to thank our student member, Grace, and her friends
who helped cut the ribbons for our Gratitude Ribbons for the front fence.
A BIG thank you to our parent volunteers who assisted with the Ribbon
project, and Nature Club meeting: Loretta Janz, Jane Thomas and Janice
Milnerwood. Thank you all, our JQ Nature Club is possible because of you!

I will be bringing more ribbon and markers this Friday at lunchtime so
that we can fill the fence with our gratitude messages.
Please remind your children that these message are to stay on the fence.
They are a symbol of our gratitude.

At our next meeting, November 7th, in honour of Rembrance Day, we will
be planting crocuses and tulips. We will also be making tea from herbs and planting our herb garden.

With a love of nature and the JQ Nature Club,


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